PikChaBox JumpStart

This is for anyone who wants to build an online presence for their brand and needs help doing so. We help you get started with the basics, which involve setting up your own website, a social media audit if you have an online presence, brand strategy, ongoing support, and guidance from our experts every step of the way.

Here's what to expect.

  • A conversation with one of our Account Managers to discuss your specific needs.
  • If you don’t already have a website, we’ll design and develop a professional website for you.
  • A Social Media Audit.
  • A Social Media Strategy to get you started building your online presence.
  • Content creation and a social media calendar for your brand.
  • Access to our PikChaBox guides and other resources to help you grow.
  • Ongoing support from our experts.

Take part in our Social Media Marketing Campaign

From now until September 30, 2022, we’ll be running a Social Media Marketing campaign aimed at building awareness around your brand and potentially attracting new customers to your business. This is available to new members who are eligible. Start with PikChaBox JumpStart to sign up or speak with one of our experts for more info.

Start here...

Our Account Managers are always happy to speak with you about your goals. Once you fill out the form below, we’ll follow up with you right away. 

Starting August 15, 2022, we’re committed to designing and developing 100 websites free of cost.
This is available to new members who are eligible. Speak with one of our experts or your Account Manager to find out more.