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Need A Professional Website For Your Brand?

Get a professional website for your brand. Build a community that your customers can be a part of, share your brand’s story, show people what makes you different, and ultimately attract new customers who will become ambassadors for your brand.

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Sell Anything

Set up an online store and start selling your products or offer your services directly to your customers. Collect payments online or even offer subscriptions to your audience. Get up and running in no time. 

Connect With
Your Customers

Give your customers the option to contact you from your website, collect information with forms, add FAQs and share info about your brand to website visitors.

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Build A Website
With WordPress

Need Help With
Building Your Website?

Our Web Developers are always happy to start new projects. If you need help building your website, don’t hesitate to let us know. We’ll be more than happy to help!

Getting Started Is Easier Than Ever

Tell us what you need, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our PikChaBox Guides are here to answer any question you may have. We’re here for you every step of the way. Growing your business online shouldn’t be a hassle. 


We strongly believe in applying in-depth research to challenge assumptions at every turn. This allows us to better understand your brand and the people you serve.


We understand that the most successful websites focus more on functional designs. Backed by research, this approach allows us to create beautiful websites that your end-users will love.


With the use of modern technology, we build with creativity, innovation and efficiency, creating a business-driven solution that adopts to any change as you grow.


Our aim is to exceed your expectations, with every finish product. Leaving room for reviews, and making any necessary changes to reach 100% satisfaction upon delivery.

Not sure where to start?

Web Design

Have an idea or a project you'd like to talk about?


Need help building your website or setting up your eCommerce store?

Managed Hosting

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Some of our frequently asked questions.

We usually take 5 to 10 days to build a professional WordPress website. Custom websites can take anywhere from 1 to 4 months. This all depends on the scope of the project and how complex it is. 

Our PikChaBox Guides are here to support you every step of the way. Whenever you need help with anything or maybe have a question, you are welcome to message us anytime.

Once you’re website is done and ready to be published on the internet, it will need somewhere to live. Hosting makes it possible for people to find your website on the internet. There are a lot of options available, so we’ll be more than happy to help you choose what’s best for you.

Yes! We want to keep you involved with the process. We’ll give you frequent updates and make changes along the way to ensure we meet your needs. We’ll only begin developing the website once you are satisfied with the design.

Our Brand Development team can definitely help with designing the perfect logo for your brand. A logo that communicates what your brand represents!

Everything You Need To Win Online

When we say we’re dedicated to helping you grow, we mean it.
Our members get access to our Case Studies, Guides, and Articles which are curated to help you or your team get better results online. We’re always happy to talk and you can always reach us if you need help growing your business online. When you win, we win!