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What Is Social Media Management?

These days, social media is the primary way in which we interact with each other. Because of this, businesses are now realizing the power of using social media to connect with their target audience and attract new customers. Social media management usually involves:

  • Creating and posting content. 
  • Monitoring engagement as well as mentions. 
  • Building a community that supports your brand. 
  • Reporting and analyzing the results of your social media strategy.

Based on your specific needs, social media management can include one or more than a dozen channels, ranging from Facebook to YouTube. Regardless of the number of social media channels your business uses, adopting social media as part of your marketing strategy can greatly increase your return on investment (ROI).

Also important to managing your social media account is:

  • Scheduling content.
  • Engaging with followers (responding to comments, DMs, etc).
  • Monitoring social media trends.
  • Reporting on account performance.
  • Staying updated with policies and community guidelines for each platform.
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We’ll help you to build meaningful connections with the people who are interested in the products or services you offer.

We follow a six-step guide to effectively manage your social media presence.
This allows us to get the best results. Without proper planning, you risk wasting time and money. A good social media strategy is key to reaching your goals. 

Here’s a look at our approach to social media management.

1. Start with a social media audit
If you already use social media for your business, we’ll start by auditing your brand’s profiles to better understand your performance. A social media audit will give us valuable insight into what already works for you as well as help with deciding the best way forward. We also look for patterns and identify what content performs the best. Additionally, compare your recent social media results to your past performance, industry benchmarks, and sometimes your competitors if necessary. We’ll then use your insights to do a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis. 

2. Set SMART goals
SMART goals are important when planning your social media strategy, we do this by setting objectives that are achievable, clearly defined, and not open-ended. Goals that are:

Building awareness around your products or services is the perfect example of being specific about your objectives. This can be phrased as “Gain x number of followers each month”.

Once we identify the objectives we’ll focus on, we’ll monitor the progress of our strategy by tracking key performance indicators. This will help us to measure our success. Whether by tracking engagement, counting followers, or the number of people your content reaches.

It’s important to be realistic about the objectives we set. We focus on what benefits your business the most, by looking at where you are on your journey and setting objectives that are achievable, making adjustments as we progress.

Your objectives should matter most to your brand’s success. At times, it might seem like a good idea to focus on small objectives, but this usually leads to results that don’t translate well as it relates to your goals. By focussing on objectives, that are relevant, we are able to reach your goals in a more efficient way.

For every goal or objective that we set, there is also a deadline for each. This ensures that we stick to our plan. Setting a deadline for each goal ensures that we pay attention to any changes along the way, and make use of insights to improve our efforts.

3. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
We rely on KPIs to measure the effectiveness of our Social Media strategy.
Based on our set goals and objectives, the KPIs we agree to keep track of will help determine if we are on track to meeting those objectives. Follower count, reach, click-through rate, and contacts or some of the metrics that help us to track our KPIs.

4. Audience/Customer/Buyer Personas
For an effective social media or marketing campaign, it is important that we understand our target. This usually involves, surveying your existing customers to find out what they like about your brand. Sometimes, even speaking with them directly, whether by email, a quick phone call, one-on-one meeting, or even a video conference. We’ll also review your current followers, and check your audience statistics for your current social media accounts.

This helps us to learn more about their age, gender, location, and interests. Understanding how your audience interacts with your brand will help us curate content that drives engagement. Once we complete our research, we’ll compile the information into one or more personas that represent your brand’s ideal customer.

5. Choose social media platforms
Not every social media channel is ideal for your brand. The misconception that every successful business should be on every social media channel is far from true. 

We focus on identifying the channels that offer the most value for your brand.

We’ll do a review of your general demographics data to see which platform tends to attract your ideal customer more. For example, if your ideal buyer is 18 to 24 years old, you may want to focus on Snapchat or Instagram. However, for companies that offer B2B (Business to business) services, you may need to focus on LinkedIn or even YouTube.

Next, we’ll do some basic competitor research. Find out which platforms your closest competitors have adopted and what channels offer the best results. Based on our findings, we’ll decide which social media platforms to adopt for your brand. 

6. Develop a content calendar
Once we’re done creating your personas and deciding what social media channels we’ll be using, we’ll then create a content calendar. 
Starting with the main campaigns you need to focus on over the next 12 months such as new products, promotions, seasonal sales, and even holiday-related content.]Depending on your brand, we’ll include blog posts you want to share, events, and even special days that align with your brand. 

We find that considering the psychological effect of the content we post will increase how effective each content is. This is simply understanding the reason why people your content and what inspired them to take a specific action.

Different members of our team will focus on different aspects of your social media campaign. Team members to write copy and handle the creative for each post, and then schedule content to publish at the optimal time for your audience.

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