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We See The Bigger PikCha!

We’re dedicated to helping you successfully grow your business online.
Build awareness around your products or services, attract new customers to your brand,
and do it with the support of our team of experts and access to all the resources you need to win.

Our story

Who We Are

PikChaBox is a Website Services and Digital Marketing company that focuses primarily on the methodologies of CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) to ensure we help our members meet their objectives and get better results. If you’re looking for new and innovative ways to build awareness around your products or services, reach more people and ultimately attract new customers, I am confident that our team of experts will be able to help. 
Our story started in 2019. Recognizing there was a growing need for local businesses to take their brand online, we introduced the PikChaBox Digital Solution. At the end of 2021, consumers spent over $870 billion online alone. Of all those consumers, 75% of them admit to making judgments on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design and overall online presence. That’s where we come in! 


We're not leaving anyone behind!

As the economic world evolves and everyone is doing business online or just meeting up with their friends and family to chat, we find that making the transition to this online marketplace has helped millions of businesses to reach their goals.

With billions of people online every day, the possibilities for creating wealth is infinite. Would your business benefit from having an online presence? If your answer is yes, then PikChaBox was created with you in mind, with a list of services tailored to help you successfully grow your business online.

What We Do

The PikChaBox Digital Solution is a combination of services tailored to meet you where you are on your journey, helping you to successfully grow your business online. We’ve worked with small businesses, partnered with companies that had their own in house marketing team and even helped people at the start-up stage. We don’t offer a one size fits all solution and only focus on what works for your brand. When you win, we win!

Our Mission

We’re building a community where everybody wins. A community where you are free to create and share your creation with the world. A community where you can connect with the people who share your values and want to help you reach your objectives. We’re doing this first by making it possible for anyone to get their business online by accessing our free resources and getting support from our experts every step of the way!

Our Goals

  • To contribute to the Decentralization of the internet
  • To use technology to solve problems that affect our communities
  • Create resources and content designed to help people grow
  • Build tools that will help optimize the way we interact with each other online
  • Educate and empower people on how technology can be used to solve everyday problems.
  • Connect people who are like minded by building online communities
  • Document the importance of Design and Code and how it is being used today, to shape our world tomorrow

Everything You Need To Win Online

When we say we’re dedicated to helping you grow, we mean it.
Our members get access to our Case Studies, Guides, and Articles which are curated to help you or your team get better results online. We’re always happy to talk and you can always reach us if you need help growing your business online. When you win, we win!