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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Audit

A Social Media Audit will help you to understand what’s happening on each network. You’ll be able to see what’s already working and what’s not, as well as what you can do to reach more people and get better results.

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Website + Marketing

Website Audit

A website audit will give you an exceptional opportunity for online growth. Website audits help to improve the efficiency and visibility of your website, as well as improve Google search ranking, increase site traffic and performance.

*Your first audit is FREE

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It takes time to grow and maintain an online presence for your business. The PikChaBox Digital Marketing team will help you to creatively achieve your objectives, reach more people online, and get results that matter most to your business.

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Digital Marketing 101

7 Daily tips to improve

your online marketing

Keeping your business up and running is important. This is why so many other business owners are turning to social media to stay connected with their customers and reach even more people. These 7 daily tips will help you to improve your online marketing and get better results right away.

Start with Tip #1: How To Get More Customers Online

Moments That Matter

“What matters to us the most, is the connections we make with the people we serve”

– Shamouy E. Gibbs. Founder & C.E.O PikChaBox

I Want To Know Moments

When a customer is exploring or doing research, but not yet ready to buy.

I Want To Go Moments

When a customer is looking for local businesses, products or services you offer online.

I Want To Do Moments

When a customer needs help with completing a task, or trying something new.

I Want To Buy Moments

When a customer is ready to buy, or needs help completing a purchase.

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Improve Your Online Marketing With These 7 Tips

If you want to reach more people online or get new customers, this is for you. Over the next 7 days we’ll be sharing with you some of the tricks used by Marketing Experts to get better results online. What happens on Day 5 is gong to surprise you!

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