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Who We Are.

We’re a Digital Marketing Company that specializes in Brand Management, while providing services such as; Web development and Graphic Design.

PikChaBox has a way of amplifying your ideas, and making your dreams a reality! We’ll do all the work you don’t have the time for (Yes we’re all about sleepless nights!), at the same time, creating and adding value to your business.

We’re not leaving anyone behind! As the economic world evolves and everyone is doing business online or just meeting up with their friends and family to chat, we find that making the transition to this online marketplace is the key to growing your brand.

With billions of people online every day, the possibilities for creating wealth is infinite. Let us get you where you need to be.

PikChaBox was created with you in mind, with a list of services tailored to get you to the next level.

We want to be a part of your journey!


The world’s population is 7.53 billion and growing.

Our aim is to reach 1 billion people in the shortest possible time,

helping them to create the kind of wealth we all dream of.

Ultimately, we believe this can be done by helping our clients to reach their target audience first!

What’s your target?


  • To be the number 1 Digital Marketing and Web development Company in the world.
  • Using all the technology available to us to provide low cost solutions, better service, and faster response times.
  • Always be innovative and a head of the game.
  • Maintain originality and authenticity.
  • Give life to every idea that we are presented with!

Our Core Values

These are the things that mean the most to us as a company, especially when it comes to delivering quality service!








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